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AISTRO-QC 2″x10″ in-line water softening cartridge – 1/4″ QC


AISTRO-QC is an in-line water softening resin cartridge. In its function, it exchanges calcium and magnesium with sodium ions and therefore reduces water hardness. Available with 1/4″ QC connection.

The AISTRO series utilizes FDA-grade, sodium, based, strongly acidic ion-exchange resin which reduces calcium and magnesium ion content in water. Calcium and magnesium are often called “hardness minerals”.

Large amounts of these ions in water are responsible for the formation of scale deposits, higher detergent consumption and stains on glassware. In extreme cases large amounts of calcium and magnesium can lead to glass etching.

Hard water damages home appliances such as: dishwashers and washing machines, and increases their energy consumption.


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Available size: 2″ x 10″

0.360 kgs

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