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FHMB1 Brass Filter with stainless steel mesh screen 100 μm

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The FHMB1 central water supply filter comes with 1″ inch ports. It’s Brass, nickel-plated sediment filter with stainless steel screen cartridge of 100 microns and 1″inlet/outlet connector. It comes equipped with pressure gauge and drain valve and includes instructions and color box.

The FΗMB1 filter is designed for both hot and cold water filtration. These filters characterize with excellent sediment absorption of sand, silt, rust, suspended solids and other contaminants from water which are not smaller than 100 microns. Pressure gauge enables monitoring of filter cartridge contamination level and drain valve enables flushing out sediment deposits without replacing filter cartridge.

FHMB1 series can be installed as pre-filter before in-line filters, filtration systems and/or expensive home appliances, protecting them from being damaged.

Detailed information available in PDF card.

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Housing: MN
Cap: MN
O-ring: NBR
Thread: 1″ BSP
Operating Pressure: 16 bar (240 psi)
Minimum Temperature: 2ºC (35ºF)
Maximum Temperature: 93ºC (199.4ºF)
Dimensions (H x OD): 286 mm x 73 mm

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Weight0.84 kg
Dimensions145 × 65 × 120 mm

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