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FHPR5-12-WB – Filter Housing 5” with 1/2″ inch port


The FHPR5-12-WB is a 5″ filter housing that comes with 1/2″ inch ports. This filter is fitted with a high pressure release valve and includes transparent filter housing which is certified by NSF and WRAS.

This is a 5″ filter housing that can be connected directly to the plumbing main supply of the house, providing protection throughout the house. It’s also ideal for home use for protection of individual appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, etc. where protection of the appliance and local treatment of water is required. The operating pressure of the filter reaches 6 bar.

Available with brass inserts thread 1/2″. O-ring flange seal. Accepts a variety of 5” filter cartridges including sediment filter, polyphosphates filter, granular activated carbon filter GAC and solid activated carbon Carbon Block.

Kit includes mounting bracket with screws, wrench, bacteriostatic filter centralizing ring, instructions and color box.

Head is equipped with pressure relief valve which makes it easy for you to change the filters, releasing the pressure inside the container. For the installation, it would be good to consult a professional plumber. Regular maintenance (change of filters) is recommended to avoid pressure drop.

Detailed information available in PDF card

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Supply connection: 1/2″ inch (in-out)
Maximum Pressure: 6 Bar
Maximum Temperature: 23º C
Dimensions: 190 mm x 105 mm
Flow Rate: 8 GPM @ 2 bar (depending on a filter cartridge used)


– Made in EU with High Performance Components
– High quality
– NSF certified for structural integrity and material requirements*
– WRAS certificate*
– FDA CFR Title 21 Compliance
– Competitive Pricing
– Hand Built & Factory Tested
– Domestic and commercial use
– Three-part design (ideal connection stability)
– Equipped with filter bracket and wrench**
– Ideal for POE use
– Maintenance Free -Saves $, Time and Labor
– Easy to connect to cold water inlet
– Easy to install, No Electricity, No Drain Required
– Full flow 1/2″ or 3/4″ ports

Additional information

Weight1.00 kg
Dimensions200 × 135 × 135 mm

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