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Shower Head Filter FHSH-6-C


The Shower Head Filter FHSH-6-C connects in just minutes to give you the best quality water for the ultimate shower experience. It’s incorporated shower filter eliminates chlorine in the water, thus reducing eye irritation and leaving skin softer and hair healthier after showering.

In addition to these benefits, it eliminates the presence of heavy metals (lead, chromium and mercury) and regulates the water pH, while enriching the water with substances beneficial to human skin.

This modern design shower head offers a choice between 3 different showering modes: rain, massage and jets.

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Eliminates chlorine and heavy metals from source water
Improves the taste and odour of water
Eliminates the production of harmful vapors created when hot water mixes with chlorine in the water during a shower
Exchange filter cartridge included
Filters should be changed every 3 – 6 months
This product is ideal for infants, children, people with skin allergies and sensitivities
Water temperature : : 2-45 oC

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