CHIM-1 – Water Hardness Test Kit with reagent

Water hardness is a quantitative measure of the total content of Calcium and Magnesium ions present in a water sample. The CHIM-1-TEST is a water hardness Test Kit that determines total hardness in water via a titrimetric method. Calcium and magnesium form a complex with EDTA and the reaction end-point is indicated by the change in color of the indicator from red to blue.



A 5ml. sample of water to be tested is placed in the plastic vessel supplied. Drops of the test reagent are added until the color of the sample turns pink and then blue.

Each drop added until there is the color change to blue equals to 1French Degree of Hardness (for example 19 drops added till the sample turns blue means that the water tested has a hardness of 19 French Degrees).

Conversion for water hardness is as follows:
1 ppm=1 mg/L=0.1 French=0.0556 Deutch=0.07 English

Additional information

Weight.100 kg
Dimensions100 × 70 × 30 mm

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