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About technology in water filter production

About technology in water filter production

The earth is known as the blue planet, because there are about 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water on it. Water covers almost two thirds of the earth’s surface. Someone would say that it is an abundant source of water, but human population has caused water pollution to an extend that it affects us and our environment including plants, animals, soil, and air.

The amount of freshwater that is suitable for human use comes down to only about 0.8% of all water resources available on our planet. Apart from glaciers and rivers, underground water and lakes are the only sources of fresh water.

It becomes clear that we need to learn to treat our water in a way that will help us to make the best of what we have. Water filter production is just one tiny step into the right direction to create water saving technologies.

Aquatekna are really helpful when it comes to providing great tasting, safe and healthy drinking water. Our advanced filters are able to remove almost any harmful organism like bacteria or fungi or even a virus, including hazardous minerals like lead. A low carbon footprint makes these filters really efficient in treating water. Using one of our filters, you can feel safe while consuming your tap water that also tastes great.

Water filtration is the most important process in water treatment. Our manufactures use only high quality materials during the manufacturing process to produce ceramic or carbon water filters that can be applied to various uses.

We are doing our best in order to provide our customers with low cost water filters.

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