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PR-MK-808 Shower Filter with KDF


Shower Filter with KDF carbon bed, ceramic balls and ferrite magnets. It mounts on the handle of the bathroom or shower or directly on the faucet. It was designed for children and people who care about their skin and hair. It eliminates the mechanical impurities as well as most organic contaminants found in the supply water. The filter uses KDF which is responsible for removing 99% of the amount of free chlorine that comes in contact with your skin while you shower and 98% of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury. Ferrite magnets help soften the water by neutralizing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water.
Makes your bath nice and healthy.
Reduces skin irritation and prevents it from drying out.
With a shower lasting 10 minutes, the body absorbs up to 20 times more chlorine through the skin in relation to the water we drink every day, the pores of the body open so penetrating chlorine, chemicals etc. Scientific studies conclude that a hot shower is a health hazard, as chlorine vaporizes and creates chloroform gas which is considered as a cause contributing to asthma and other respiratory problems in the lungs when inhaled.
Advantages of the filter!
Reduces cancer risk from chlorine exposure
Keeps hair shiny and healthy
Stops dryness of the skin
Puts an end to the skin irritations and redness
Reduces hair loss
Prevents the formation of wrinkles and rejouvenates the skin

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Filter life 6 – 12 months or 20 thousand liters of water. Connects easily to the base of the shower hose in just a few minutes!


* Let the water run for about 60 seconds when you first use the filter.

* The replacement time of your filter may vary, depending on the quality and drinking water.

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Dimensions70 × 70 × 165 mm

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